Travelling – Tips when you arrive or leave at/from Prague Airport

Prague Airport – as Czech Republic is not part of the Euro -when arriving in Czech Republic I always see people rushing to these exchange offices. DO NOT DO this – they offer you a very low exchange rate – there are official ATM machines when you leave the baggage claim area to the left direction of Terminal 1. Using your card to cash local currency from a official ATM is much more value for money as exchanging at one of these offices. Also be aware that the ATM machines inside are owned by private companies who offer a very bad exchange rate and charge extra costs .

Travelling to Prague Center – there is a bus that takes you to the center instead of these expensive taxi drivers – BUT buy a ticket before getting on the bus as they check the passengers when leaving the bus and it is a sport to give them expensive penalties !

Returning a Rental car – before returning the car take car to fill your fuel tank BEFORE leaving the city and driving on the motorway direction airport – there is 1 Shell at the airport but NOT reachable driving towards the drop off for your rental car.

Supermarket – leaving early but not too early – there is a BILLA supermarket downstairs which opens at 06h00 in the morning and you can get fresh in house baked croissants at a much cheaper price as inside the departure area …..

Beer– the newspaper shop in the departure area sells the same beer at a lower price as the duty free shop …….in case you would like to take some with you or to drink on the plane .

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