A lot of people call this HOME -where you start. So this is my website Рmisterjan.com Рthe European worker РFlemish guy born in Brugge, Belgium living in Kozakov, Czech Republic working in Europe and travelling around Europe.

In 2015 I announced some action on my personal website – we are now 2020 and nothing happened ..again – so a new trial I would say -and again a trial to improve and start with the personal website – what below is written is still valid!

Getting older does not mean you do not have to move on to using newer technology, it only takes us, oldies more time to learn it. Sorry if my used or written English is not the school English, during the day I am used to switching between German, English, French, Czech mixed with Slovakian words, and last but not least Flemish -so that finally after 60 years it is a goulash of languages and to write one decently it is also very difficult as you have American or English English – and even they do not know how to write without mistakes… so why should I bother?