Booking accomodation – hotels for your trips

Some friends always have problems finding the right place to stay or eat when they are travelling or on a relaxing trip. Why ? I am also asking myself.

How my system works ? Quite Easy – I have 2 favourite links and   If you know where you are going to, when . It is easy fing out what you want to spent pro night, look on both websites for several places – compare the rates on both sites BUT also on the hotel his website directly as well because sometimes they have better prices sometimes the other way round.

The most important action you need to do is check  the reviews of the hotels- either on the website of or you may find them but also on google or tripadvisor you may find several.

Booking accomodation keep in mind  – breakfast included ? Wifi free of charge ? swimming pool – after a day on a trade show a wellcome item ? non-smoking ? Also important depending on the purpose of your stay is how far away from what you would like to see as sometimes the transport to and from is more expensive as paying a bit more for the accomodation.

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